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Leo & Katherine’s real estate group’s philosophy has been to provide what’s expected, a full-service, tailored selling experience at a much more affordable fee; and to truly guide buyer’s in the right direction. That’s why they opened their own boutique real estate office in 2010 and are the owners and Broker of record.

In their 30+ combined years in real estate,  Leo & Katherine have sold hundreds of homes  and gained  invaluable knowledgeable by working with the top three companies in the world: Century 21, Coldwell Banker and Keller Williams; receiving several top recognition’s.   Their real estate expertise was even recognized by Wells Fargo Bank. Leo & Katherine were contracted by their division and trusted to manage the sales of their real estate assets throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. Additionally, Keller Williams Corporation honored Leo & Katherine with a prestigious gold medallion for their success and for being a part of their leadership council where they had direct input on the company’s operations.

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Broker/Owner Fluent in Polish + English

Katherine always intended to have a real estate career and  obtained  her real estate license before she even graduated from Cal State San Bernardino University with a Bachelors in Sociology. Katherine grew up in the Inland Empire and has extensive local knowledge, licensed and full-time in real  estate since 2003.


Growing up Katherine learned to play the piano, enjoyed years worth of rewards of horsemanship, along with sportsmanship & team comradery gained through volleyball, basketball and tennis. Katherine cherishes many awards and recognitions including an MVP award which took hardwork, sacrifice and much dedication, something that continues into her good work ethic. When time allows, Katherine collaborates on music with Leo and enjoys driving their limited production Ford Mustang.



Agent/Owner Fluent in Spanish + English

Leo obtained his degree from Irvine Valley College with a major in Computer Science prior to obtaining his real estate license and working in the mortgage loan industry before transitioning into a real estate agent in 2008.


Leo’s ultimate hobby is driving his limited production Ford Mustang Bullitt whether testing his speed on a 1/4 mile track or testing his skills at autocross. He personally appreciates enhancing the car or repairing it himself.

Additionally, Leo has been perfecting his guitar skills through much practice and has enjoyed multiple B.B. King concerts. Leo’s music style blues and rock genre are an inspiration from BB King.

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